May 2021
1st place Campus Brekelbaums Park Hamburg
Campus Brekelbaums Park Winking Froh

With their design for the vocational and university campus at Brekelbaums Park, Winking · Froh prevailed at the end of May. In a Europe-wide VGV procedure, the design for further differentiation of the existing urban development concept had previously been awarded 1st place. Four new buildings are being constructed on the site, which the jury found to be "optimally placed on the campus". Praise was also given for the preservation of the tree population, which is guaranteed to a high degree. The largest building facing Eiffestraße/Ausschläger Weg will house the newly founded Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (BHH) as well as the new vocational school resulting from the merger of the BS 05 and BS 20 schools, a two-field sports hall and an auditorium. The second structure, the campus building, provides space for a refectory and another vocational school. The main access to all buildings is via the central campus. The common entrance for BS 05/20 and BHH is located at the intersection of the main building structure. A common foyer and main staircase form the framework for meetings and exchange.