September 2019
1st prize Extension of Kaltenkirchen City Hall
Rendering Westen Erweiterung Rathaus Kaltenkirchen Winking Froh Architekten Berlin

The design of Winking · Froh  Architekten excelled as winner of the competition for the extension of the Kaltenkirchen city hall. The proposed volume convinced the jury with his autonomy, adding a new face to the existing town hall of 1986. By connecting the buildings with a gap, through its shift into the park and by adding a town-hall-loggia, the design was rated as an enrichment for the public space. With its materiality the new town hall refers to the nordic brick tradition and promises with its relief a playful display of light and shadow. The urban facade to the Holstenstrasse translates the topic of the roof into a modernist theme - as a sober crown in stone.