Dipl.-Ing Architekt

Frank Weitendorf

Geschäftsführung, Projektleitung, Denkmalschutz

Frank Weitendorf, managing director at Winking · Froh  Architekten, studied architecture at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts. Already as working student, he won two first prizes for Patschan Winking Architekten BDA. After his graduation he entered his professor's office in 1990. Frank Weitendorf is a member of the Hamburg Chamber of Architects, a licensed quality manager for brick and has been Managing Director at Winking · Froh  Architekten since 2017. After the realization of the first prize for the Lintas building on Mittelweg in Hamburg, he has planned and built additional police, office and bank buildings for Winking · Froh  Architekten in Gießen, Rostock and Hamburg. In addition to the extension of the center of plant science and the new building of the Loki Schmidt house in the botanical garden in Klein-Flottbek, his references include the 15-storey office tower at Esplanade 40 and three new buildings on the former Spiegel-Insel. In addition, his main focus is on the refurbishment of listed high-rise office buildings from the 1960ies, such as the Kaiserhof in Altona, the high-rise on Esplanade 39 by hpp and the two buildings by Werner Kallmorgen on the former Spiegel-Insel.