Alter Wall 40

Art-Invest Real Estate

The urban redevelopment on Alter Wall aims to integrate and structurally frame the existing buildings and restore a building line on Alter Wall with a contemporary reconstruction of the historic urban layout. In addition, an urban accentuation in the transition to Rödingsmarkt in the form of a head-end building with colonnade on Mönkedammfleet. The project includes office buildings, housing, space for gastronomy and retail and a hotel use. The façade design is based on a continuous design canon and a high degree of independence of the individual buildings through the use of brick, plaster and terracotta for the façades. The completion of the quarter with a total area of almost 40,000 m² is planned for 2026. The existing area will be retained in parts and supplemented by 20,000 m². In addition to commercial and restaurant units, 1 to 3-room flats will be built, some of which will face the Alsterfleet. The crowning glory of the new hotel building, which will have 188 rooms, will be a publicly accessible rooftop floor with a view of the Elphilharmonie, Michel and City Hall. The Hoxton Hotel, the former Sofitel, is operated by the lifestyle company Ennismore and the Ghotel Group.